We provide financial and technical assistance to Zambian schools and communities which greatly improves the life chances of the children and their parents, teachers and communities. 


Bana Tandizo's educational projects are focused on communities with very low income levels and a high proportion of orphan and vulnerable children. They are tailored to the needs of each community and our involvement is at three levels.


  • Level One    
    • This is  a deep and continuous involvement in the management and development of the school including the provision of educational infrastructure – classrooms, teachers’ houses, hygiene and recreational facilities; technical support and skills training for teachers; and the establishment of good practice in school administration. For Level One schools Bana Tandizo and its local partners design and manage community health and social development programmes that are designed to increase student attendance, retain girls at school and support the poor and vulnerable students.  Learn more...
  • Level Two    
    • In Level Two schools Bana Tandizo provides various elements of the Level One programme that are selected as appropriate to the needs of the schools and their communities.  Learn more...
  • Level Three    
    • For Level Three schools Bana Tandizo provides some technical support and makes small grants for specialised services and supplementary educational packages.  Learn more...


Currently Bana Tandizo supports two schools at Level One, two at Level two and two at Level three. These schools are described in the Projects section. We are seeking the funding and building the resources to increase the number of schools in the programme particularly in the Level One category. 

Bana Tandizo is making a commendable difference at local level by delivering innovative programmes that lead to efficient results. Their focus on Child Protection has the potential to positively influence larger organisations.
— Charlotte Scott (Charlotte served as Second Lady and subsequently First Lady of Zambia for over 3 years.)