We provide financial and technical assistance to Zambian schools and communities which greatly improves the life chances of the children and their parents, teachers and communities. 


Bana Tandizo's educational projects are focused on communities with very low income levels and a high proportion of orphan and vulnerable children. They are tailored to the needs of each community and focus not only on the quality of teaching and educational resources in the classroom but also on the social factors in the community that may determine a child’s ability to attend school and fully benefit from the educational experience.

Bana Tandizo’s two main programmes are the School Development Programme and the Technical and Community Support Programme as described in Programmes. They are implemented by our Programme Management Team (see Governance page) with support where appropriate of locally recruited and trained volunteers from the community.

Teacher training is a critical part of Bana Tandizo’s contribution to education in community schools. In this area it works with the Commonwealth Education Trust facilitating their on-line teacher training courses.

Bana Tandizo is making a commendable difference at local level by delivering innovative programmes that lead to efficient results. Their focus on Child Protection has the potential to positively influence larger organisations.
— Charlotte Scott (Charlotte served as Second Lady and subsequently First Lady of Zambia for over 3 years.)