Pure, Raw Zambian Honey (340g)


Pure, Raw Zambian Honey (340g)

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Bana Tandizo - Honey that makes a difference

  • Pure, Raw, Honey

  • From Miombo Forest of Zambia

  • Rich and Aromatic Flavour

  • Velvet Smooth Consistency

  • Caramel Taste, Sweet Maple and Cedar

Bana Tandizo is a certified organic honey which comes from the source of the great Zambezi River. Rich in taste, it is collected by wild bees from plants that have been used as natural remedies for hundreds of years. We donate 100% of the net proceedsfrom sales to the Bana Tandizo Foundation, helping to build a better future for vulnerable children in Zambia.www.banatandizo.org

Make a difference, buy Bana Tandizo.