Bana Tandizo concentrates on the provision of high quality learning and social development at a number of community schools. The objective is to make a big difference in the educational experience and outcome for the children and contribute towards the development of the surrounding community. A high proportion of actual or potential pupils in community schools are orphans or vulnerable children. 

The support is provided on site and in depth to the schools and the communities. It involves a variety of initiatives and programmes in the four broad categories of activity:

  1.    Provision of educational resources: physical facilities such as construction of classrooms and teachers’ houses and teaching aids, such as libraries and iSchool;

  2.    Funding, recruitment and skills development of teaching staff;

  3.    School management: curriculum, discipline, parent relations etc. 

  4.    Community health and social development programmes: AIDS/HIV education and testing, women empowerment, feeding programmes, child protection etc.