Pupil Sponsorship

When pupils finish at Natemwa Learning Centre, they have little choice other than to attend the local government school which suffers from overcrowding (60 to a class), poor quality teaching and unsafe buildings. However, for those with particularly high academic marks, there is another option. Kufushi Boarding School delivers far superior education.  Unfortunately, due to the levels of poverty, they will not be able to afford the fees without assistance.

Bana Tandizo's Pupil Sponsorship programme is designed to reward the children that do well at school, provide an incentive for others to do well, and open up a future full of opportunity.  Sponsors often find that they also benefit from the experience enabling them and their families a unique perspective of helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds.


what does it cost?

Sending a child to Kufushi Boarding School fees currently costs £35/month.  This cost includes all food and accommodation in term time, and provides initial uniform.  Sharing the cost with friends is possible and can make for a fulfilling social experience.  No deductions are made from the fee for expenses or management of the programme.

set up a monthly direct debit

If you are choosing to sponsor a child, please click on the button below and arrange for a direct debit of the amount arranged with Bana Tandizo.  

Meet patrick

Patrick Ibika has been sponsored at Kufushi Boarding School since he was 12 years old.  Now 17, Patrick is working hard in his last year at school in order to attain the grades for university.  Like many who live at Kachele village, Patrick comes from a family that suffered from leprosy.  Gaining a high level of education has the ability to help transform his family and the village.  Patrick is also setting a fine example for other children following in his footsteps.