What if you could make "a world of a difference?"


Sponsor Timothy* and you will.


£25 a month gives an orphan a home and an education


One at a time. All the time.

  • Name changed to protect identity

Welcome to the Bana Tandizo orphan sponsorship programme.  Orphans from a desperately poor community have the chance to be supported through childhood.  Chishawasha Children’s Home of Zambia is a beautiful rural boarding school delivering food, accommodation and education to orphans and vulnerable children who would otherwise have nothing at all.  Bana Tandizo has recently reopened a boarding house to 16 children, which with your support offers them the chance of an educated, healthy and successful future life.

You can join our programme at 3 levels:

SILVER £5/month:

Orphanage Welcome Pack

Quarterly Newsletter

Photograph of the children

GOLD £25/month: 

Orphanage Welcome Pack

Quarterly Newsletter

Photograph of the children

Personal letter biannually from Chishawasha

Facebook Group with direct links to the children

Fridge Magnet

PLATINUM £160/month:

One to one sponsorship.  All of the above but with a nominated child who you can write to as often as you wish.  You will receive at least 2 letters a year from the child.

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* The complete cost of all the service involved to care, house, feed and educate a child all year is £2,000 - more than many can afford to give.  So the Family Circle achieves it by bringing people together.

How does it work?

  1. Take the lead, and start your circle today

  2. Ask four of your friends to join you, each committing £25/month

  3. Enjoy receiving the news from the orphanage together and knowing that together you have changed a life.