Secondary School Sponsored Pupils


Bana Tandizo has run a sponsored pupils’ programme since January 2017, helping those with the grades to achieve a much better education than is currently offered at the local government schools.  Thanks to generous UK sponsors, these pupils are far more likely to finish school with qualifications that will enable them to enter meaningful paid employment.  With 41% of Zambian 5 - 14 year olds in child labour, mostly in agriculture, it really is a challenge to retain rural children at school.  However, our sponsored students at Kafushi Secondary School are giving education their best shot, and we look forward to following their success in the future.  Thank you to our supporters who make this programme possible.

We are expecting more children to pass the end-of-year exams in December with the high marks required for boarding school.  If you could be willing to make the gift of sponsorship, please get in touch:

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