In & Out of the Ghetto

In & Out of the Ghetto is an NGO in Zambia that supports the residents of Bauleni Compound – an area of particular deprivation on the Southern outskirts of Lusaka.   Run by Diego Casinelli, who lives and works from within the compound, In & Out of the Ghetto’s main aim is to empower youths and develop the community.  Following a recent visit the Estelle Trust provided a grant to help complete the construction and fitting of The Steve Beko Social Centre.  Despite potential complications, Diego employs local manpower and local resources in the projects to ensure that the residents of the compound benefit from every opportunity of employment. Examples of this are the chairs and desks that are being crafted by Mr Mugala, a carpenter from the area.  As a combination of work shop and renovation, a large map of Zambia is being painted on a classroom wall by the children.