Nayamba Development Well Under Way

2016 has seen a huge amount of infrastructure development at Nayamba School.  Started from scratch on the land of a private farm, Nayamba School now educates over 200 children who would have no education or have to walk miles to the nearest school.  However, with only 3 classrooms they were fast running out of space.  The way forward came in the form of collaboration project between Bana Tandizo, The Estelle Trust, Nayamba Trust and Kidz Dance For Kidz.  A whole new 5 classroom block has been built and furnished, resulting in the capability to teach grades 1 - 7 all day.  Teachers' houses have been built on site to provide the accommodation for the extra teachers.  With time and a little more funding, we hope to ensure that there is an ablution block suitable for the school and a new water source to replace the borehole that has become unusable.