nayamba community school


Nayamba was built on the private land of a farm, initially for the children of the farmworkers but soon extended to children from miles around.  Before the school, there were children of 16 years old who had never seen a school in their lives.    


Bana Tandizo’s partner in the running of the school is the Nagwaza Farm and its partners for fundraising and general support for the school are the UK-based Nayamba Trust and the Zambian charity, Kizd Dance 4 Kidz .


The Need

  • Nayamba School has overcome many difficulties since its conception in 2010, but today there remains lots of work still to be done.  There cannot be enough teachers for the school until there are enough houses to accommodate them.  Water remains a difficulty, currently provided by a tractor delivering water to a plastic tank when needed.   There is no electricity.  Stationery, books and furniture are all in short supply.  

The Plan

Nayamba Trust is leading a £90,000 fundraising campaign to develop the physical facilities at the school to which the Estelle Trust has contributed £30,000. These facilities include: 

  • 5 additional classrooms including a designated preschool classroom
  • 5 teachers' houses
  • An ablutions block
  • Repair and maintain water supply
  • Connection to mains power

Bana Tandizo will be supervising the developments at the school in 2017, helping to raise the standard of the teaching and delivering Level 1 technical and educational and community health programmes.
More information on the school is available on the Nayamba Trust’s website.