nayamba community school


Nayamba was built on the private land of a farm, initially for the children of the farmworkers but soon extended to children from miles around.  Before the school, there were children of 16 years old who had never seen a school in their lives. An initial classroom block was built that enabled half of the children to be taught at any one time, not unusual in Zambia. Volunteer teachers were replaced by qualified teachers in 2016 and houses were built for their accommodation in 2017. The school expanded in 2018 to facilitate grades eight and nine, and all day teaching for the whole school. Nayamba school now provides hot food for every child every day. A playground, a library, a kitchen, and sanitation blocks have been constructed allowing for better facilities than ever before.


Bana Tandizo’s partner in the running of the school is the Nagwaza Farm and its partners for fundraising and general support for the school are the UK-based Nayamba Trust and the Zambian charity, Kidz Dance 4 Kidz. The Nayamba School website describes the school in more detail.