Natemwa learning centre

Natemwa Learning Centre is a large rural community school, deep in the heart of Zambian bush.  It is located within The New Jerusalem Kachele village, which was founded to support and improve the lives of those who suffer from leprosy and their families.  It was set up in 2000 by the Zambian charity National Agenda for Social Advancement (NASAD) and the carefully developed community is built on 500 acres of land.  Instrumental in Kachele’s creation, and the driving force of the village and school, is Mrs Kathleen Harding MBE.  Kathy's dedication to the village is clear by her choice to live half of the week at the village in an old caravan.

Natemwa Learning Centre is a primary school for the wider community with 177 children from grades 1 - 6.  The children walk from the surrounding 10 villages to study at the school.  The only alternative is to walk to the nearest government school which is 15km away and has around 60 children per class.



The Need

Much has been achieved in terms of building and facilities at Natemwa in the last few years.  However, there is so much more to do if this school is to meet the demand for quality education from a growing population. There are still too few teachers and the majority of them are unqualified. Clean, safe drinking water remains an issue.  The feeding programme is very successful but requires finance to maintain.  

The Plan

To meet the need, Bana Tandizo is proposing a development phase.  To attract qualified teachers, the school requires housing.  To ensure the children are looked after, these key basic facilities need to be provided.  

  • Build supervisor's / admin house
  • Build two more teachers' houses
  • Build an ablution block
  • Repair and maintain water source
  • Institute on-site teacher training
  • Roll-out the Community Health and Welfare programme
  • Maintain funding for the feeding programme
  • Provide books and other educational resources