Level 3

Africa Call and In and Out of the Ghetto are charitable organisations receiving Bana Tandizo’s Level 3 support in the two heavily populated compounds attached to Lusaka. Africa Call receives a small grant for Shalom School for a special needs teacher educating disabled school age children. In and Out of the Ghetto received grant support for a youth centre to be refurbished, in addition to iSchool teacher and student computer tablets to provide supplementary lessons for older children after school. Level 3 programmes do not require MoU; the details of support are outlined in the approved project proposals.


africa call - shalom community school

Bana Tandizo has partnered with the Italian NGO ‘Africa Call Organisation’ to provide support for children with disabilities at Shalom School.  Having previously provided funds to build a classroom for visually disabled children, BTF is currently contributing the salary for their teacher, for classroom materials and for the food programme.


in & out of the ghetto

The Steve Biko Social Centre is situated right at the heart of one of Lusaka's most densely populated areas of deprivation - Bauleni Compound.  The centre is an associate member of The Estelle Trust's SCAZ programme and run by an Italian NGO 'In & Out Of The Ghetto' who's aim is to empower the youth and develop the community.  They work to build the capacity of the youths in the compound through the active participation in the development of the community in which they live.