Level 3

Africa Call and In and Out of the Ghetto are charitable organisations receiving Bana Tandizo’s Level 3 support in the two heavily populated compounds attached to Lusaka. Africa Call receives a small grant for Shalom School for a special needs teacher educating disabled school age children. In and Out of the Ghetto received grant support for a youth centre to be refurbished, in addition to iSchool teacher and student computer tablets to provide supplementary lessons for older children after school. Level 3 programmes do not require MoU; the details of support are outlined in the approved project proposals.


africa call - shalom community school

Bana Tandizo has partnered with the Italian NGO ‘Africa Call Organisation’ to provide support for children with disabilities at Shalom School.  Having previously provided funds to build a classroom for visually disabled children, BTF is currently contributing the salary for their teacher, for classroom materials and for the food programme.