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The Bana Tandizo Foundation is chaired by Nigel Farrow. Nigel has 20 years’ experience as a trustee of charities concerned with education and international development. He has served as chairman of governors of a large boarding school in the UK, has worked in educational publishing in Africa and is the chairman of the trustees of the Estelle Trust. Nigel has an MA from Cambridge University and has been awarded honorary doctorates in Literature and Business Administration.

Deirdre Allison has lived in Zambia for almost 22 years. She has worked on various DFID-funded health projects in the public and private sectors, and in civil society both as a technical adviser and project manager. She founded and managed Afya Mzuri, the Zambian NGO that implements HIV and AIDS prevention initiatives in the private sector. Deirdre has a MSc in International Health from Queen Margaret University College in Edinburgh.

Patricia Atkinson is an author and winemaker who lived in West Africa as a child and during a career in the City worked with the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, a charity that supports international students from member countries of the Commonwealth who wish to study at the University of Cambridge.

Darren Wise is a Fellow Chartered Management Accountant and supervises the Bana Tandizo Foundation’s financial transactions. He has been a director of an international publishing company and is Finance Director of JoJu Solar Ltd, a pioneer of solar power and community energy. 


Bana Tandizo Zambia Ltd

Bana Tandizo Foundation's local office in Zambia is Bana Tandizo Zambia Ltd, through which accounts and Zambia staff are managed. The Directors of the company are Nigel Farrow, Deirdre Allison and Charlotte Scott. Charlotte has lived in Zambia for 27 years and is a former Acting First Lady of Zambia. She worked for UNICEF as the Chief of Social Policy and Economic Analysis, and designed Zambia’s highly successful cash transfer scheme. Charlotte has degrees in Psychology and in Rural Development.


Deidre Allison as General Manager supervises the Bana Tandizo operations in Zambia. As a Trustee her experience and qualifications are given above. 

Martha Munsaka joined Bana Tandizo as Programme Manager and is responsible for supervising the projects in the schools and the Bana Tandizo staff working on them. Martha has been Head Teacher of a Zambian school and subsequently has worked as Deputy Field Superintendent for Family Legacy Missions, where she provided leadership and management to the charity’s six schools. Martha has a BA with Education from the University of Zambia and a  MA in Education and Development from the University  of East Anglia.

Anna Malandu joined Bana Tandizo Zambia in November 2018 as Programme Assistant. Anna is responsible for supervising the after school activities as well as the Community WelfareVolunteers (CWVs) in Bana Tandizo supported Schools. She has been working as a primary school class teacher for 15 years and as Deputy Head Teacher for five years at Rhodes Park School in Lusaka, where she provided leadership, discipline and team work in the primary school section. Anna has a bachelor’s degree in Education (B.Ed) from Rusangu University in Zambia. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Educational Management with the University of Zambia to be completed in October 2019.

Will Ham is the UK-based Projects and Fundraising Manager for Bana Tandizo.  Will has a first class BA honours degree in Charity Development from the University of Chichester and is a full member of the Institute of Fundraising (MInstF). Previously, Will served in the Royal Navy for 7 years and as a naval diver worked in various conflict areas around the world.

The Bana Tandizo Foundation has set up a variety of policies to help inform staff and partners, and to provide guidance resources in the event of ambiguity or dilemma.  The following documents are available:

Child Protection and Safety Policy

Staff Recruitment Policy

Strategic Plan 2016 - 2019

Health and Social Welfare Report

Situation of Orphans and Vulnerable Children Study

Volunteer Equal Opportunities Policy

Volunteer Health and Safety

Data Privacy Notice

Accounts December 2016 - 31st Mar 2017

Accounts 2017 - 2018